Saturday, November 1, 2014

Judges Resign Rather Than Perform 'Homosexual Marriages'

In the wake of a federal court decision legalizing so-called "same-sex marriage," these judges have resigned rather than be forced to officiate such unions.

(LifeSite News) All stepped down, since October 10, because they believe marriage is a union between one man and one woman.

They are: John Kallam Jr. (Rockingham County), Gilbert Breedlove (Swain County), Bill Stevenson (Gaston County), Tommy Holland (Graham County), Gayle Myrick (Union County) and Jeff Powell (Jackson County).

The decision wasn’t easy for Stevenson, whose family depends on his $50,000 per year salary as their primary income.

"I prayed about it; I asked for wisdom," Stevenson told the Christian Examiner. "I think our hearts have been led away by the cares of the world, our desires, and ultimately, our intense arrogance – our hubris – against the Lord."

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  1. Better they resign than refuse to do their duty. The law says same sex marriage is legal. As government employees that preforming marriages is part of their job description, they either preform same sex marriages, or get out.

    They should have preformed the marriages, but sense they refuse, they did the next best thing by resigning.

    1. Too bad you agree with homosexual marriage. Homosexuals and their progressive supporters are pushing that agenda; they are trying to force that lifestyle on e drone, you csn't refuse to accept it without possibly facing a lawsuit or bring fined for your beliefs. Your remarks seems to inidicate you are one of THEM. As the homosexual community attack the non- homosexual community I peronally will not shop at any store or visit sny activity which accepts the lifestyle totally or cater to them I boycott. None of my money will spent with them. I have good friends who are homosexuals. They don't announce it to the world and they don't push it in anyone. I was a supporter of what try wanted, but they went too far when they forced it on the majority -- I am sure the judges will get decent jobs, with their court exoerirnce there msny Christian based law offices who will accept them into your business fighting the progressive anti-religious agenda. I don't agree with you, if a person has a disagreement on something like homosexual marriage it should not cost their job. They should be able to excuse themselves from performing a marriage and refer them o a judge who will. Just like they would excus themselves from a trial when they have a conflict of interest. This is where the left want to force everyone to accept their socialistic progressive agenda. I hope someday you are in a similar situation and have to make a decision to either accept something or have to quit. Forcing a minority view onto the majority is totally wrong. As a retired military member I will protect the right of a homosexual and hs lifestyle, but I will never accept his sin and I will not join him/her in a celebration I feel is wrong. In the past I might have went to a marriage cermony for my homosexual friend. Since they have began trying to force everyone to accept their lifestyle and attack those of us who disagree with their actions, especially Christians (never Muslims), I no longer will attend, not even our annual birthday parties etc.

  2. It takes a considerable amount of Christian character and principles to do what Judge Stevenson and the others have done. It amounts to a subservience to the Lord's Word rather than to the temporary notions being pushed by a very small segment of society through those who subscribe to the secular progressive movement. Everything else shall pass away including the various and current dicta of men which seeks to appease small aberrational elements of society which wish to justify their immoral behavior by the force of statutory law. The politicians who subscribe to this law in those States which have enacted it do so only with the self-assurance that they shall retain their office which is the most important thing to them.

    None of these people seem to realize that not one word of the Lord's Word shall pass away. . . .ever. Those who are in disagreement with the Lord will justify their position by declaring themselves on a sort of moral high ground which, then, classifies everyone else as belonging to a "hate group" of one kind or another. No one of any sense is arguing in this manner, but are merely pointing to what the Lord has said and blessed from the beginning of time and which has all the appearances of being upheld as the normal code of human behavior in the history of all civilizations.

    Those who wish to practice "same-sex" marriage do so by attempting to justify their own twisted proclivities by threatening weak politicians into passing secular law to justify their own destructive behavior. In their view everyone else is wrong.


Posted By: Chris Carmouche