Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Former Congressman Calls For The Impeachment Of Barack Obama

This former Congressman is already issuing the call. If Republicans take the Senate, he's calling on Republicans to Impeach Barack Obama.

(Free Speech) Former congressman Tom Tancredo wants Republicans in Congress “to immediately file articles of impeachment against the president” if he uses executive action to block the deportation of some undocumented immigrants.

“If Republicans capture the majority in the U.S. Senate as now appears almost certain,” Tancredo explains in his weekend WorldNetDaily column, the GOP congressional leadership should gather the “courage to follow the Constitution and impeach the man.”

With President Obama determined to declare an executive amnesty program for 5 to 10 million illegal aliens soon after next week’s midterm elections, citizens across the nation are wondering what the Republican Party plans to do to stop it.

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Posted By: Chris Carmouche