Thursday, October 9, 2014

[Video] Rush Limbaugh: Obama Is Not Qualified To Be President

Limbaugh has had enough and he's calling out Barack Obama: "He's an agitator, a community organizer, that doesn't like status quo and wants to upend the Country. ... Obama's got no resume- the only resume he's got is college transcripts nobody lets us see. We have to take the media's word for it."


  1. No he is not qualified to be President he is one of 6000 illegal immigrants who came here on a foreign student visa and did not return to his home country. He has no business in the White House what so ever!!!!! Demand Congress Remove and Imprison him now.Also get ahold of all the campaign money he is illegally taking since he is not who he proclaims to be!

  2. It's true that he is not qualified to be President from the "git-go" because he was not a legal American citizen and everyone knew it. I do not know why Congress did not investigate more carefully his qualifications before he ever was sworn into that office. He has ruined every thing about our American and torn everything down. He needs to be removed tomorrow,, though he never should have been in there in the first place. He has spent the taxpayers money like there was no tomorrow. He has taken more expensive vacations (he, Michelle, family and friends) than any other president that was in office legally! This has got to stop. He needs to be gone tomorrow, removed and imprisoned to Guantanamo and his feet and hands shackled like he did and is doing to us. Please, God remove Obama and family to the Middle East and let him live with his Muslim brothers and sisters over there. Maybe he will come up with a catastrophic illness or something similar, where he won't be bothering us any more. I have had more than enough of his Satanish, Socialist, Communistic actions and your love for the UN, which never should have been mentioned in cahoots with America. Also, Sharia law should never have and never should be used in our judicial system over here. They need to remain over in the Middle Eastern countries with the other Muslims. We were doing just fine before Obama and the "nincompoops" came over and destroyed all of Religious freedom, liberties, sane way of life, jailed those who have committed crimes and keep the illegals out of our country immediately. May God storm your heart with fear, Obama and family and may God help us remove you from office immediately, imprison you for 35 years in confinement alone in a cell with no lights, just a cot, a toilet and a dim light. Also, just grits and water for food. No communication with the outside world nor family. Give you a Bible to read while you are in the room alone and I think God will finally get into your head and give you "a come to Jesus" session and turn you heart towards God and His teaching! The sooner Obama is removed, the sooner we will get our military back where they need to be in larger and larger numbers where we can be safe again!

    1. amen i agree with you 100 percent
      even his own BROTHER last week when asked about him
      said that they were BOTH BORN IN KENYA
      what more do we need to get this puke out of our WHITE HOUSE THAT HE CONTAMINATED

  3. There isn't anything Obama hasn't made worse for America.

  4. He is not qualified to be a Sewer Licker if that were a position in the world any where.

  5. LimpBalls is not qualified to be a human being. He is one step behind the Neanderthals.

  6. And besides, fat boy said he would leave the US if Obama care went into effect.
    why is he still here?

  7. obama is a community destroyer and he has certainly destroyed America. I pray that we get rid of obama and his worthless wife and start repairing the damage of our country!


Posted By: Chris Carmouche