Thursday, October 30, 2014

Pelosi Urges Obama To 'Legalize' All Illegal Aliens

You probably didn't hear about it because Pelosi penned the op-ed piece for Univision...

(Washington Examiner) House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi called on President Obama to issue a “bold” executive order that would stop the deportation of millions of illegal immigrants, including farm workers, families of people allowed to remain in the country under the administration's “Dream Act” policy, and many others.

In an op-ed published by UnivisiĆ³n, Pelosi, along with Reps. Zoe Lofgren and Luis GutiĆ©rrez, called on Obama to legalize immigrants who would have benefited from a comprehensive immigration reform bill the U.S. Senate passed in 2013.

The trio of lawmakers said the president should go even further by permitting close relatives of citizens and lawful permanent residents to gain entry into the United States, and blocking the deportation of relatives who are here illegally.

"Doing so would not permit family members to skip the line, but it would allow them to wait in line with their family until a visa number becomes available," the lawmakers wrote.

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  1. And is she going to fund for all of these illegal immigrants with her personal monies? The American taxpayers are not going to pay for their housing, healthcare, food, etc. We are fed up!!!!!

  2. During my many years in the Army we had young soldiers who would marry foreign nationals. We insured that they went through the legal process of getting their spouses their green cards and becoming legal. Otherwise when they transferred back stateside the spouses would have to remain in their home country until the visa and green card was approved. Later in my career I learned that immigrants who become citizens coukd apply to bring family members to the US. With those with green card, they had to wait in line like other immigrants, except for spouses and children. If the law has not changed then for citizens there shoud be no problems. I hope at if Obama does that that there are hundreds of law suits from American citizens and fom congress to find what he did illegal.mand hope the supreme court stand up for the citizens and not the illegals --

  3. The sooner the better.

    Go for it, Obama. By not doing so, you are suppressing the wages of all Americans', because the "illegals" cannot report "wage theft and not being paid minimum wage" for fear of being deported..


Posted By: Chris Carmouche