Friday, October 10, 2014

More Post Ferguson Violence Erupts After 'Prayer Vigil'

Vandalism, flag-burning and injuries to a law enforcement officer are among the "highlights" of incidents that occurred after a post-Ferguson prayer vigil...

(Conservative Tree House) At least one police officer was injured when violence erupted after prayer vigils Thursday night, as protesters blocked traffic, broke windows of at least one home and a business and burned American flags.

Protesters broke a window at the Medicine Shoppe at Grand Boulevard and Hartford Street, took an American flag from the Beauvais Manor nursing home and threw at least one brick through the window of a home along Flora Avenue.

Police Chief Sam Dotson was at the protest scene late Thursday and into early today. He said an officer had been slightly injured and two people had been arrested. He also said that some police vehicles were damaged by protesters.

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  1. What Ferguson needs is winter weather. I hear protest are only during the hot months. So lets all pray for snow. Hey your protesters, just pray you don't piss off a Military Man when you think burning the American flag is a good idea.

  2. And they wonder why they are classified as thugs, etc. Their behavior and actions justifies this classification.

  3. Those who do not respect the law should be jailed and fined. Mobs who disrespect the nation need to be stopped.


Posted By: Chris Carmouche