Friday, October 3, 2014

Gay Judge Refuses To Marry 'Straight Couples'

No... it's not a joke... read all about it...

(Dallas Voice) Out lesbian Dallas County Judge Tonya Parker touted her refusal to conduct marriage ceremonies in her courtroom on Tuesday night.

"I have the power, of course, to perform marriage ceremonies," Parker said. "I don’t."

The mention of her decision to not perform marriage ceremonies came while the 116th Civil District Court judge addressed the audience at the monthly meeting of Stonewall Democrats of Dallas, of which Parker is a member. While Parker highlighted her progress in her first year as judge in what had been “the worst district court at the courthouse” with more old pending cases than the other 12 district courts, she also spoke about the importance of having an LGBT person on the bench.

Parker is the first LGBT person elected judge in Dallas County and is believed to be the first openly LGBT African-American elected official in the state’s history. As such, Parker said she takes into account the importance of her position to make members of the LGBT community feel comfortable and equal in her courtroom by "going out of my way to do things that other people might not do because they are not who I am."

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  1. Sick people, but they stick together and they are moving ahead disgusting or not, because normal folks don't wake up, maybe late already!

  2. Good for her, let the so-called Christain straights experience discrimination for a change........


Posted By: Chris Carmouche