Thursday, October 16, 2014

Ebola Nurse Nina Pham's Boyfriend In Isolation? Rumors He Is The Next Ebola Victim

Nina Pham’s boyfriend may have been admitted to a Texas hospital after being exposed to Ebola, but nothing has been confirmed. For now, there are more questions than answers.

(Inquistr) News about Nina Pham’s boyfriend has been scarce. Updates are few and far between. Not even his name is readily available in the media. Could that be a good sign? Other Ebola victims have seen their names announced publicly, but the identity of Nina Pham’s boyfriend remains a closely guarded secret.

Nurse Nina Pham was one of the members of a medical team entrusted with the care of Thomas Duncan, who contracted Ebola in West Africa before taking a flight to the United States, where he was subsequently diagnosed with the disease. Pham helped treat the Liberian national, and contracted the virus from him at the hospital where she worked, Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital.

Rev. Jim Khoi, of Our Lady of Fatima Church in East Fort Worth, said he was updated on Nina Pham’s condition by her mother.

"A person Khoi described as a friend of Pham’s is also being monitored for the disease," reported Dallas News, "although he said he didn’t know the friend’s relationship. Others have said the patient being monitored is [Nina] Pham’s boyfriend.".

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  1. An article came out today saying that researchers in Minnesota found that ebola is airborne. What that means is that US hospital workers and troops in Africa are going to get ebola because they are not wearing enough protection. Passengers on planes are doomed. The CDC really knows all this because they own the patent on ebola. Essentially the CDC has spread ebola through lies. The best site for info and news on ebola is --please read this:

  2. All because we have an idiot for a president.


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