Friday, October 24, 2014

Donald Trump Calls For Obama's Resignation Over Ebola Crisis

"If this doctor, who so recklessly flew into New York from West Africa has Ebola, then Obama should apologize to the American people & resign!" So says Donald Trump...

(Inquistr) Donald Trump, the real estate mogul and reality TV personality, called for the resignation of U.S. President Barack Obama in a stream-of-consciousness Twitter rant Thursday night. In the online diatribe, Trump describes Obama “aka Barry Sotoro” as “a TOTAL incompetent” (caps original) and “a far worse president than Jimmy Carter.”

In the series of Twitter messages, the 68-year-old Trump — who has hinted that he may run for president himself in 2016 after publicly contemplating but not following through with a 2012 run — claims that he has been demanding that Obama ban flights from West Africa “for weeks,” implying that this proposed airline ban would prevent patients who may be carrying the Ebola virus from entering the country.

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  1. O-butt-head will never resign, & I think will have to be dragged from the WH in Jan 2016.

  2. Oh, don't worry, he and his lackeys will think of something to create an environment that demands he stay in office indefinitely. I am sure this is already in the works. From the voting machines not working as they should, which should be discontinued and we should go back to the paper vote for security, God only knows what else he has concocted for our displeasure, which he is bent on promoting. He is obviously not an American, but calls himself a 'citizen of the world' to cover up the fact that he is not a citizen of America, period! He needs to unseal his records, if he has nothing to hide. If he has nothing to hide he should have no problem letting the world know what a fool he has made of everyone, with the help of the likes of Nazi Pelosi, who is the demonic instrument sent from Hell to install this illegitimate person in the position to which he does not belong, which is quite obvious to ALL. It has all been a concocted set up by the demonically inspired entourage that promotes such evil. He is laughing in our faces as he repays America for his deluded ideas of our 'sins.' He has no conscience, no remorse and is a psychopath to boot! We should all be praying our hearts out that God will have mercy and deliver us from the likes of this demonic instrument of evil!

  3. Resign over Ebola? It won't happen! It is only one of two diseases that he has currently turned loose on this country. Remember the "Kids Invasion" where he has relocated diseased ILLEGAL INVADERS all over the country with EV-D68 and refuses to reveal where he sent them?

    This part of his plan to weaken this country to the point where we will be unable to fight his plan to keep the office in the WH while he turns this into another Third World CessPool!

  4. Why should Obama resign. He is one of the best presidents we have ever had. The problem is the collection of bigoted, racist, obstructionist teatards in the house and senate. They are the ones who should resign.

    And "good hair" Trump should just GO AWAY.


Posted By: Chris Carmouche