Sunday, October 26, 2014

Doctors Without Borders Director: General Quarantines for Doctors 'Superfluous'

Just in case you were wondering why doctors and nurses - people who should know better - are under the idiotic impression that they can return from West Africa, break their "self-imposed" quarantines, walk among us and risk spreading a deadly disease to the general population... here's your answer.

(NRO) The executive director of Doctors Without Borders wouldn’t come out and outright oppose four states’ decisions to quarantine all health workers returning from West Africa, but she did strongly suggest that she feels it makes little sense. Doctors Without Borders has its own protocols for returning volunteers involving self-monitoring, the director, Sophie Delaunay, emphasized, which the New York doctor who came down with Ebola this week followed closely.

That’s what the medical evidence suggests is necessary, Delaunay said, and quarantines like those imposed by the states are “coercive measures against aid workers to give a superfluous sense of security,” she said. Much of the opposition to the quarantine decisions has suggested that they’ll make aid workers less likely to go fight the disease in West Africa; Delaunay didn’t specifically say the decision has been a major disincentive.

Hat Tip: NRO.

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