Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Dems Warn Blacks Will Be Lynched If GOP Wins The Senate

Here we go again, flyers distributed to members of a pre-dominantly African-American church warn that Obama will be impeached and Blacks will be lynched if Republicans win control of the Senate.

(Daily Caller) Churchgoers in Fayetteville returned to their cars Sunday to find a political flyer on their windshield — which is to be expected 16 days before an election. But this flyer was different from the normal "Vote for candidate X" or "Oppose ballot question Y" fliers people are used to. This flyer was a picture of the lynching of a black man by a white crowd with the words "Kay Hagan Doesn’t WIN! Obama’s IMPEACHMENT Will Begin! Vote in 2014."

The church is Kingdom Impact Global Ministries, a predominantly African-American congregation. Dawn McNair's daughter found one of the fliers on her mother's car and noticed the picture. "My daughter said, 'Mom, look in the background. They’re lynching somebody.' It’s the lynching of an African-American man," Dawn told the Fayetteville Observer.

The local chapter of the NAACP doesn’t see a problem with the flier. President of the Fayetteville chapter, James Buxton, told the Observer, "That’s what the community feels. That if the Senate is taken over by the Republicans, and it remains the Republicans (in the majority) in the House of Representatives, they’re going to impeach him."

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  1. Does this mean the dumbocraps are ramping up the kkk as THEY did in the past???

  2. Hell yes, we better impeach him.

  3. The Democrats encourage people to become dependent on the government with food stamps, Welfare, medicaid, "free" cell phones, etc. People who receive all of the "free" gifts will naturally vote for the persons responsible for giving them all of the "free" things. And once the government has those people dependent on them, these people will become slaves of the government. And they think that their ancestors had it bad before the Civil War!!


Posted By: Chris Carmouche