Thursday, October 30, 2014

Commentary: Vote Republican, Even If It Hurts

It's become the mother of all political clich├ęs: Every election, we are told, is the most important of our lifetime. If our side doesn't win, it's 40 years of darkness, earthquakes, rivers and seas boiling, human-sacrifice, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria – or worse.

(GrassTopsUSA) While it's hard to rank these biennial slug-fests, given the rot that's eating away at the soul of our nation, 2014 is right up there.

Will there be any break on Obama's increasingly despotic reign during his last two years in office, or will Harry Reid and his cohorts continue to provide cover for the presidential putsch?

Most analysts are predicting the 2014 election will give Republicans a slight majority in the Senate next year. The New York Times gives the GOP a 64% chance of taking the Senate.

But nothing is guaranteed. The outcome could depend on last-minute spending, which party has the better ground game, and how much fraud the party of illegal aliens and the graveyard vote can get away with.

Starting with 45 seats, Republicans need to pick up six more to gain a bare majority. Two open seats currently held by Democrats are considered likely pick-ups. The Democratic incumbent in Louisiana will probably lose. Of the nine toss-ups, three are currently Republican seats. If Republicans hold those and take the three they're slated to win, they'll need only one of six toss-ups.

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  1. There are only a handful of good guys - all Repugs. Those chances of a continued Obama dictatorship is very likely unless we as a nation quit playing their game of a fake 2 party system. Vote for the constitution not for a party of criminals.

    1. Is not "a fake 2 party system" at least marginally better than a "genuine" autocracy?

  2. I think that it time to get rid of political parties and electoral votes. We should be voting for the qualified person, not the party. and the legal American citizens' votes should determine the winners of all elections.

    1. You'll never get rid of parties, they will still be groups with common interests and if you do away with the Electorial College you might write off every state except California, New York, andvTexas because they will control who becomes President. The voters in the rest of the states might as well stay home. In the west the Democrat came up with a trick, regardless of the state votes the Electorial college votes will go the candidate who wins the nationwide popular vote. So if thevRepublican wins the popular vote in the state and the Democrat wins the nationwide popular vote the Democrts gets the Electorial college votes. So why woud sny one take the time to vote if they think their vote won't count --- plus the smaller states would eventuslly be left out of the selection all together. You talk about a reason to suceed fom the country that would be a solid decision. If you want no chance at good government then do away with the college. Do some research and learn why it was created. To give all states equal chance at electing the president.mdoing as you suggest would lead to one party rule. If you think that would be good look at the former soviet union, former East Germsny, the old east bloc, the present North Korea, China, and more and see how their citizens were treated. Do away with our Constitution and change our election process and that will happen. The Democrats constantly use ome of the tactics as the nazis before WW II. You know how that came out, and if you watch Mr. Obsma and his thugs you see them try it even now, but so far we have seceeded to best them back. We need no king or dictator, and doing away with the Elrctorial College woud be the first step to one party rule with a "king" at the helm elected indefinitely. If you like that so be it, it scares the hell out of me.

  3. If Obama and the Democrats ares hated, why are they doing so well against the Republucan. When I get into a political discussion and the person I am talking to doesn't like what our government is doing, I ask their opinion on the various issues such as Obamacare and immigration. Ifbitbis sll negative, then I ask then who they intend to vote for. If they say the Democrats, I ask how they dislike everything they have done but will still vote for them. Most of the time they can.'t answer. This is why the Deomcrats still have a chsnce to keep contol of the senate. I don't see a tidalwave win for the Republicans.
    They might be lucky to get control -- I hope not but I don't see much push from the Republucans and only a little from the Dem. good luck America getting a government that cares for the country and it's citizens.

  4. NFW.
    There is no republican party any more. It is a FASCIST/ OLIGARCHY party masquerading as the republicans party.
    What was the republican party has been bought and paid for by the rich and disgusting.

    Those who still support what was the republican party will not wake up until the 1% have turned our nation into a corporate run dictatorship.


Posted By: Chris Carmouche