Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Supreme Court Justice: Government Should Not 'Promote Birth' Among 'Poor People'

And yes, some are wondering... insinuating and speculating whether or not this justice is making an endorsement for forced abortions...

(Life News) The headline for this article may seem controversial, but that’s another way to state the pro-abortion views Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg spouts in a new interview.

"It makes no sense as a national policy to promote birth only among poor people," Ginsburg says.

This isn’t the first time she’s sounded in favor of eugenics. Ginsburg caused a stir in July 2009 when she made comments about the Roe v. Wade abortion case that appeared racist. In an interview with the New York Times, Ginsburg said made it appear she supported Roe for population control reasons targeting minorities.

Roe is the 1973 Supreme Court decision that, along with Doe v. Bolton, allowed virtually unlimited abortions for any reason throughout pregnancy.

Ginsburg first advocated taxpayer funding of abortions and followed it up by saying she backed Roe to eliminate "populations that we don’t want to have too many of."

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  1. who is the Ruth Bader SANGER? REGULUS HERE.

  2. Why don't the Blacks and Mexicans 'figure this out'. GINSBERG IS A RACIST!!!!! It's time to retire her patoot! There's NO ROOM FOR RACISM AND PRO-ABORTION IN THE SUPREME COURT. She's a reincarnation of that POS Margaret Sanger who believed in 'culling' the blacks i.e. forcibly reducing their numbers.
    I mean....... This should ALSO be on the Conservative/Christian agenda... CONSERVATIVE/CHRISTIAN PRESIDENT that FIRES GINSBERG. Holy crap people!!!!!

  3. I actually did not interpret this as being in favor of abortions although I know she is. I read it to mean the government should not incentivize the poor with aid to dependent children and subsidizing them with each out-of-wedlock birth. This segment of society is multiplying at an unsustainable rate for our nation to remain solvent. Mandatory Birth control--start DECREASING benefits for each subsequent birth---penalize them. Something has to be done. The working taxpayer is tapped out.

  4. Yes, but do you want Obama to select her replacement???

  5. It appears that obamacare provides procedures for women for Sterilization procedures but NOT for men.
    Why don't you start a movement to provide for men to have a vasectomy or castration?
    It would greatly aid to reduce the cost of procedures and perhaps make them more socially accepted.
    look under and search for vasectomy.

  6. Better yet, let's tell government to stay completely out of our reproductive incentives, dis-incentives, legislation

  7. The American here..... always said, if you can't feed them, don't breed them, seems appropriate since the rest of us don't want to support your poor choices....disincentivize it by paying less benefit for each child born out of wedlock.

    1. Sperm donors should be sentenced to work in the fields for a total of 365 days doing jobs that Americans supposedly wont do. They would get paid the same as other agricultural workers with healthcare provided for them and their families if they have one including the sperm recipient of course.


Posted By: Chris Carmouche