Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Sign In Turkish Store: 'No Jew Dogs' Allowed

And the anti-semitism of the week award goes to a cell phone store in Turkey for the display of a disgusting and bigoted sign...

(Inquistr) As the shame of Antisemitism rears its ugly face just 75 years after the Holocaust in Europe which saw the genocide of six million Jews, shadows of that horrific time are prevalent once again around the world, but Turkey takes the prize for “Jew hate” this week.

A disturbing picture of a cell phone store in the heart of the capital of Turkey, Istanbul, which was sent to the main Turkish Jewish news site, Salom, recently, shows a sign in the window of the centrally located store proclaiming “No Jew Dogs.”

The European Jewish Press reports that the sign was set on the backdrop of religious Jews wearing white skull caps who were dancing in front of an Israeli army tank.

The store, which is located in a commercial district called Tahtakale, where many Jewish-owned stores are run, was condemned by the increasingly worried Jewish community in the city.

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Posted By: Chris Carmouche