Monday, September 8, 2014

Putin Tests The Waters To Invade Estonia?

Now that the Ukraine is about to be reduced to the status of a notch on Vladimir Putin's gun, this recent action suggests that the Baltic States may be next.

(WCJ) Obama frightened Putin so much with his red lines that Putin immediately sent Russian troops into Estonia, a NATO country, and kidnapped an intelligence officer by gunpoint and took him back across the border. Russia said the officer was on an intelligence mission and therefore was fair game. The Kremlin neglected to mention how kidnapping an Estonian officer on his own territory was permitted by international law, even if he was a spy. Nearby police radio frequencies were jammed by the Russians, and smoke grenades were also used during the incident.

All of these actions were taken within forty-eight hours of President Obama stating that the capitals of the Baltic NATO nations were just as important to the alliance as London, Berlin, or Paris. It seems Vladimir Putin means to test that hypothesis.

As we have stated on these pages before, Putin and his inner circle do not believe that President Obama will risk nuclear war by defending the Baltics against Russian aggression. Estonia has a very high percentage of Russian speakers. Now that Ukraine has come under Moscow’s thumb, expect similar actions against the Baltics. Putin is reckless and obviously has no problem using force. The longer the West allows him to use military action to achieve his goals with no real consequences to speak of, he will continue to threaten European stability.

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