Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Poll: Support For So-Called 'Same-Sex Marriage' Dropping

Gay marriage support appears to be declining, if the results from a new Pew Research Center poll are accurate.

(Inquistr) Similar polls conducted by Pew and other groups over the past few years had indicated an increase in support for same-sex marriage. The latest results could reveal a "leveling off of opinion" on the topic, according to researchers.

The Pew gay marriage poll found that 49 percent of Americans supported same-sex unions but also noted that opposition to such nuptials had increased to 41 percent. The Pew Research Center poll also stated that support for gay weddings was down five percentage points since the group had posed the same questions to Americans in February.

When asked if homosexuality was a sin, a total of 50 percent of Pew gay marriage poll participants answered yes. When researchers asked the same question in 2013, a total of 45 percent of respondents answered in the affirmative.

Those participating in the same-sex marriage survey were also asked if businesses should be legally allowed to refuse to engage in services related to the nuptials based upon their religious convictions...

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  1. This is why progressives, some liberals and all leftist, attack religion. When you speak to pro-anything people and discuss our values for traditional marriage, our value on life, etc. the more intelligent ones begin to understand. Plus, as in my case, when so someone comes along and to force me to accept something that goes completely aginst my belief system zi fight back, I duscuss ths often with young people to see how brain washed they are from our education system. I also believe that minsters and priests shoud be allowed to duscuss politics, especially the social issues as it retains to our faith, eoecially at election time.


Posted By: Chris Carmouche