Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Planned Parenthood Sending Children To Porn Sites

Planned Parenthood, an organization that is funded in large-part by your tax dollars, is sending children to pornographic websites as part of its "educational efforts."

(LifeNews) The main web site behind Planned Parenthood’s attempt to lure students with a sex educational campaign that leads to abortion now points those teenagers to a web site promoting pornography.

The pro-life group Iowa Right to Life discovered the change and how the Planned Parenthood Teenwire web site — which is linked to by thousands of web sites across the country and whose URL is printed on sex ed literature distributed in schools nationwide — now points to a porn site.

"Over the holiday weekend, we became aware of a new danger for Iowa children and teenagers," Iowa Right to Life told LifeNews. "Planned Parenthood’s former URL, teenwire (dot) com, is now occupied by a pornographer advertising teen escorts, online sex and other bad content."

In fact the former Planned Parenthood sex education web site now depicts scantily clad women and it links to web sites such as "100 Free Sex Dating Sites," "Adult Asian Dating," and "Live Sex Cams."

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