Friday, September 19, 2014

Opps... Rand Paul Takes Another Ride On The Loony Train

There he goes again. Rand Paul just blasted conservatives and doubled-down on his idiotic claim that combating voter fraud and enforcing drug laws is somehow an affront to Blacks and Hispanics. Earth to Rand, we're not sure who should be more insulted by the implication... conservatives or minorities...

(Politico) Sen. Rand Paul on Thursday blasted his own party for making it tougher for minorities to vote.

The Kentucky Republican, a likely presidential candidate, has long argued that drug laws disproportionately affect minorities and has also championed restoring voting rights for some non-violent felons. He laid out those views in a speech at the Liberty PAC conference, a gathering tied to his father, libertarian icon Ron Paul.

"So many times, Republicans are seen as this party of, 'We don’t want black people to vote because they’re voting Democrat, we don’t want Hispanic people to vote because they’re voting Democrat,'" he said. "We wonder why the Republican Party is so small. Why don’t we be the party that's for people voting, for voting rights?"

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  1. I did not realize he ever got off the "loony train".
    That is Paul. Number one loony toon.


Posted By: Chris Carmouche