Thursday, September 18, 2014

New Miss America Exposed As Radical Abortion Activist

After exposed her tenure as an intern at America’s biggest abortion business, Kira Kazantsev hastily deleted her LinkedIn profile because it revealed that she interned for the very organization that kills millions of women... but that's not all...

(LifeNews) Now, the Miss America Organziation has released a statement defending Kazantsev’s time at the abortion company.

In response to the outcry over Kazantsev’s abortion business ties, the Chariman of the Miss America Organization, Sam Haskell, issued a statement glorifying Kazantsev’s position.

"Each Miss America takes a different path to the crown and Kira’s path is no less special," Haskell began. His statement quickly took a downward turn when he continued: "Kira’s college internship with Planned Parenthood afforded her the opportunity to advocate against child abuse while writing her thesis."

Haskell continues, saying, "In choosing a Miss America, the judges seek a well-rounded young woman who has the life experiences to be an effective role model."

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  1. Yes....beautiful...but you can't take your looks with you where you are going......anyone wonder how many children this immoral piece of human debris has murdered...and she is suppossed to represent purity and virtue?...yuck.

  2. It is far past time that women in prominent positions started supporting abortion rights. We must fight back against the anti woman teatard radicals.

  3. So just to be clear, you want more dead babies. You have a malformed mind.


Posted By: Chris Carmouche