Friday, September 19, 2014

Is The Man Stupid? Boehner Pushing Amnesty Again

They say that stupid is as stupid does. Apparently, John Boehner thinks a GOP majority is in the bag because he's once again castigating conservatives for refusing to believe the lie that Amnesty is good for the economy and the nation. Newsflash Mr. Boehner, that's not the cohesive GOP message that's going to drive conservative voters to the polls in November.

To be fair, Boehner is finally, albeit begrudgingly, saying that we should "secure the border first," but might we respectfully submit, Mr. Boehner, that you should be saying that we need to 'secure the border period.'

(The Hill) It wasn’t part of the jobs message he planned to pitch, but Speaker John Boehner said Thursday that immigration reform would help boost the economy.

His immigration comments, in response to an audience question, weren’t part of his prepared remarks. They followed a 20-minute-speech in which Boehner laid out his five-point plan to jump-start America’s economy.

The AEI address served as the GOP’s closing argument before the November midterm elections and came just as the House was wrapping up its final day of votes before sprinting to the campaign trail.

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  1. Boehner is a complete joke! Just a drunk joke. He has no idea about anything, period. He needs to kicked out of the speaker position. He does nothing to help the Republicans.

  2. Boehner needs to GO!!!!!!!!

  3. Really? Try it rino, try it.

  4. It's the same old tired game played over and over. Time to to try something new and dump the Dems and Repugs.

  5. Like many of his Congressional Peers, he is a not just stupid, he is a Traitor, and of no service to his Constituents. Just one piece of the clear and present danger we face.

  6. Bonehead is finally starting to see reality.
    Immigration reform must be moved forward.

  7. Reform (lie)...uh hum....amnesty...must be shoved off a cliff and never spoke of again.


Posted By: Chris Carmouche