Thursday, September 11, 2014

Foreign Governments Buying Liberal Political Organizations

That's the shocking accusation coming from David Horowitz's FrontPage Magazine. Apparently, foreign governments are buying liberal political organizations and using them as a tool to influence United States foreign and domestic policy.

(FrontPageMag) Obama’s IRS went after the Tea Party meanwhile foreign governments were buying liberal think tanks close to the administration and turning them into unregistered foreign agents lobbying for their agenda.

In the case of Norway we know exactly what went down because they were open about it.

But Norway’s agreement imposed very specific demands on the Center for Global Development. The research organization, in return for Norway’s money, was not simply asked to publish reports on combating climate change. The project documents ask the think tank to persuade Washington officials to double United States spending on global forest protection efforts to $500 million a year.

Target group: U.S. policy makers,” a progress report reads.

The grant is already paying dividends. The center, crediting the Norwegian government’s funding, helped arrange a November 2013 meeting with Treasury Department officials. Scholars there also succeeded in having language from their Norway-funded research included in a deforestation report prepared by a White House advisory commission, according to an April progress report.

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  1. Better to have foreigners buying in than having the rich, self serving fascist oligarchs buying in.


Posted By: Chris Carmouche