Friday, September 5, 2014

Far-Left Huffington Post Hires '9-11 Truther'... Goes Into Full Damage Control Mode When Exposed

It would appear that the far-left Huffington Post hired a 9-11 Truther, but what is more shocking is what HuffPo did once blogger and radio talk show host Derek Hunter exposed the wackiness...

(Daily Caller) During my radio show today I got an email from a flack over at the Huffington Post about my posts on their new national security fellow hire – Donté Stallworth. This flack, who I won’t name because they were only doing their job, sent links to tweets Stallworth sent out today “just to be clear” about his current position on 9/11 and whether or not is was an inside job by the Bush administration.

HuffPo asked if I would update my post to reflect Stallworth’s current/new position. I responded that I was in the middle of a radio show and couldn’t update anything for a while, but would look at the new tweets later and see what I thought.

Well, it’s later, and here’s what I think.

First off, how panicked must Huffington Post be if they’re contacting a fill-in blogger about one post? Very, it seems.

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