Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Egypt Offers Palestinians Their Own State, Five Times The Size Of Palestine, And They Reject The Offer

Just in case anyone is still under the delusion that the conflict between Israel and the so-called Palestinians was over a "Palestinian homeland," the head of the Palestinian Authority (PA) just settled the issue. Now, only a fool can deny that the source of the conflict is anything other than the desire by the PA to eradicate Jews from the face of the earth.

(Inquistr) Egyptian President General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi has reportedly offered Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas a Palestinian State in Egypt’s Sinai which would be five times bigger than anything Israel could offer them in negotiations.

The International Business Times reported today that even though he was offered 1,600 square kilometers of the Sinai Peninsula by al-Sisi, Abbas refused, thus proving that the Palestinians he represents are more interested in replacing Israel rather than creating a peaceful state adjacent to their current borders.

As part of the offer to the Palestinians, Abbas would have to relinquish demands that Israel return to the 1967 borders, and would agree that this state would be be totally demilitarized. Also as part of the deal Palestinian cities in Judea and Samaria would become autonomous and continue to be under Palestinian Authority control.

In the meeting between al-Sisi and Abbas, the former is reported to have said to his counterpart, "You are now 80 years old, if you don’t accept this proposal, your successor will."

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  1. No surprise here, people who can still think rationally know the PLO has one goal, to wipe Israel off the face of the map. It's also the goal of all Islam to convert all people to Islam or murder them, as we are seeing everyday.

  2. I'm not the one who said east or west home is best- home is where you belong own and not a place given and you will never know a crazy leader might come up and tell them to quit.Better stay a in a blazing self owned ghetto or a ramshackle, grotesque place that no one will now and them mention the favor that he or she was render or even told to quit pack and go.at any given time for it was a favor.
    MR Anonymous you are off the mark - there are christian Palestinians too


Posted By: Chris Carmouche