Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Republican Establishment's 20-Year War On Conservatives

The real takeaway here is that Republican elites should read the handwriting on the wall and stop cheering an assured victory in November. Republican elites are spending millions of dollars to defeat Tea-Party challengers in contested primaries that - under normal circumstances - should not be contested and they're alienating their base to do it. That's NOT a good sign.

(Mississippi Conservative Daily) It began on a snowy night in New Hampshire. The first-in-the-nation primary. February 20, 1996. The story’s origins, though, began exactly four years earlier in that same frigid state.

In 1992, Patrick J. Buchanan, a popular conservative television commentator who had served as a longtime aide to Richard Nixon, took on the sitting President of the United States in the primaries that year.

Party insiders considered his candidacy little more than a joke. But his 38 percent showing in the ’92 New Hampshire primary stunned the political world, and although he won no contests that primary season, he did garner over three million popular votes and forced President George H. W. Bush to shift his rhetoric and his message to the right.

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  1. Could any editor please explain how the alienating their base is not a good sign? How else can oath sworn traitors on IRS collected tax dole be exposed? If the meaning is not good for the republican party then I would comment that its about time.. Likewise all negative action in impeachment process is prime evidence of accomplice guilt if only by voting "present".
    The gradualism of controlled news has finally reached the tipping point through internet resources. With 95% of world news controlled by 14 multinational corporations all whistle blowers must be highly appreciated by the informed electorate. See kahudes dot com.
    TV media has failed its watchdog responsibility for 60 plus years following the surrender of the DNC to socialist principals with intent to direct US constitutionally limited government toward socialism. Their complicity in treason is no less evident than that of Islam's hiding behind the first amendment of the very document that they intend to replace with shariah law complete with beheading.
    The cat was out of the bag when the six time Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas announced in 1947 that his party could rest since since its entire platform had been adopted by the majority Democratic Party. Thomas was content in his accurate conclusion that although the US electorate would never accept socialism by name it would easily concede to the direction of a majority democratic party stricken with psychosis of treason. And now here we are.
    Any sign is better than none when complicit news media refuse to report actions by government officers due full consideration for impeachment under Article 2, Section 4 with prohibition of presidential pardon in Section 2 of the constitution they swore to uphold and protect. Read it and weep. Then you may understand congressional reluctance to take proper action.based on mass guilt.

  2. The Republican Establishment is not at war with Conservatives .
    The Republican Establishment is at war with the anarchist and the fascist who are trying to take over the republican name.

    The gang that the republicans n thare at war are not conservatives, they are the stooges of the greedy rich who are out to take over our government, and change our nation into a fascist oligarchy.

    We can throw the teatards out of Washington, or we can watch our nation go down in flames.

  3. "Teatards"? Just that one childish word shows how your liberal mind has been totally brainwashed. The Republican Party is DEFINITELY at war with conservatives. It is full of liberals, with more joining the ranks almost daily. "Progressive Republicans," they call themselves. I call them "RINOs" (Republican In Name Only). The Tea Party is trying to save conservatism. The Republican Party is trying to destroy it. Anyone with half a brain can see this. Wise up, pal.


Posted By: Chris Carmouche