Friday, August 29, 2014

Ted Cruz Gearing Up For Preidential Run

Pay no attention to they say, when politicians start to do certain things, it's apparent that they are considering a presidential run and Cruz is sending all the signals.

(Washington Examiner) In recent weeks, the Cruz team signed contracts with three Republican consultants with national experience and ties to some of the early presidential primary states.

Cruz has cultivated a national following and traveled to the early primary states often since winning his Senate seat in 2012. Yet his political team was relatively small and oriented almost exclusively toward Texas.

To help the Tea Party-affiliated senator manage his role as a national leader and prepare for a possible White House run, his political shop has added Jason Miller as a digital and communications advisor, Jeff Roe to offer organizational guidance and help run Cruz’ more nationally focused operation and Lauren Lofstrom to handle national fundraising.

The Cruz team is talking to other Republican operatives about signing on, but agreements have not been finalized. Meanwhile, the existing key players in Cruz world, including pollster WPA Opinion Research, and chief political advisor Jason Johnson, who is based in Texas, remain in place.

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  1. Cruz is not a natural born citizen, but wtf, obummer got two terms & he isn't even a US citizen.

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    2. So we lower ourselves to spit on our Constitution like the liberals. No Sir, I don't think so! Cruz is not eligible end of story.

  2. if obama can be president even as a islamist muslim communist then Ted Cruz is eligible!!

  3. The above racist bigot is insane.
    If cruzer becomes president, there will be no United States of America within 90 days. It will be the Fascist States of America.

  4. If cruzer is the nominee it will guarantee who ever the democrats a landslide victory.

    The boy is a total looser.


Posted By: Chris Carmouche