Friday, August 22, 2014

Target Stores Takes Legal Action To Support So-Called 'Gay Marriage'

There are plenty of discount chains out there that deserve your business. Target obviously doesn't want it...

(One News Now) Target is filing legal briefs in court cases intended to win marriage rights for homosexuals and lesbians. Matt Barber, Vice President of Liberty Counsel Action and Founder of, tells OneNewsNow it's a slap in the face to millions of pro-family customers who support true marriage between one man and one woman.

"It is just poor business," he says. "Target, just like other corporations across the country, should at least remain neutral in this ongoing culture war. And at best, they should be endorsing the age old institution of natural marriage, which is the cornerstone to any healthy society.”

He says it's time for the public to speak up with a strong and united voice.

"I hope people will go into Target stores across the country and tell them that they are no longer going to buy products there because Target has joined in the attack on the institution of natural marriage,” he says. “They need to let it be known that they will take their business elsewhere and tell why they are doing so. That's what individuals can do about this."

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  1. Bye bye targay. ..I haven't spent a dime at your immoral establishment immediately after I learned of this just like pro obama Costco and I am telling everyone....I hope you enjoy closing up and Americans are sick of the likes of you!! ..never again.....taking alot of people with me too! Financially this will hurt. .ouch!! I used to shop there alot too!!

  2. One giant step toward civilization by a not to civilized company.

    Targets my vote as a place to spend my money.

  3. My large family, 9 brothers and sisters, My 146 member American Legion and My Church will BOYCOTT AIMLESS Target.
    God Bless American...AGAIN...SOON...
    Peace with Prayers and carry a BIG stick,

    1. Amen. I used love Target; no more. I'm trashing my card and writing in protest.


Posted By: Chris Carmouche