Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Say What? Democrats Courting Sarah Palin

We've just about seen it all... a number of Democrats are dashing wildly to court the very women that they love to hate.

(NewsMax) Alaska Democrats trying to pass a statewide referendum to restore the tax rate on oil companies that former Gov. Sarah Palin championed would like her to take part in their campaign, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Republicans lowered taxes on the oil companies, collecting $4.3 billion instead of $6.3 billion in revenues. Palin posted a video on her subscription website explaining the merits of reverting to the higher rate. She said "crony capitalism" and "Big Oil" were able to "regain control" of the issue within six years of her leaving office.

Otherwise, she has sat out the referendum battle and has practically no communication with Democrats who support a yes vote to repeal the revised lower tax rate.

Opponents of the referendum say that with Alaska crude-oil production in decline keeping taxes down makes Alaska competitive with other energy-producing states.

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  1. Taxes are only for the politicians so they can spend money on their pet projects. Then the price of everything goes up. One day soon everyone will be paying 90 percent tax. Isn't America great.


Posted By: Chris Carmouche