Thursday, August 14, 2014

Russia Invades The Ukraine?

Members of the foreign media claim that when armored personnel carriers (APCs) escorted a humanitarian convey to the Ukrainian border, the humanitarian vehicles stopped at the Russian-Ukrainian border as the APCs continued into the Ukraine.

Shaun Walker with The Guardian did say that he believes the small number of APCs did "not constitute a proper invasion force" but many fear that such "stunts" by the Russian military are a prelude to an imminent full-scale invasion of the Ukraine by Russia.

(WCJ) A column of Russian armored personnel carriers (APCs) entered into Ukraine today. The Guardian’s Shaun Walker and the Telegraph’s Roland Oliphant both saw the APCs cross the Russia-Ukraine border.

However, correspondent Shaun Walker believes that the Russian force of APCs does not constitute a proper invasion force.

The APCs had been escorting a humanitarian convoy to the beleaguered rebels in Ukraine, but the convoy halted before the border while the APCs continued on. Ukraine is suffering a humanitarian disaster, with thousands short of water, electricity, and medical aid.

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