Sunday, August 17, 2014

Republican Scholar Has Drastic Solution To Fix The GOP

The cure may be worse than the disease but this Republican scholar is saying that Republican voters should vote against Republican-elite incumbents in the November general election, even if that means that Democrats will regain power in Congress.

(WND) The GOP has lost its way and conservatives should work to oust lousy incumbents in the Republican Party – even in the general election – says prominent Vanderbilt professor Carol M. Swain.

Swain, a lifelong Democrat who left the Democratic Party after becoming a Christian, is far from satisfied with the performance of the GOP. The author of “Be the People” sees Republicans too often holding a finger in the wind to determine how regain power.

"The Republican Party has lost its way," Swain said. "I think it has an identity problem. It doesn’t know what it wants to be. It believes it has to become the Democratic Party to stay in power. I believe that’s a serious mistake."

She added, "The Republican Party has not stood up for the Constitution in Washington, as far as I’m concerned. All this noise now about impeaching the president – they should have been screaming when the president first started abusing executive privilege. I think the Republicans have not stood up because they want to do it, too. When they’re in power, we’re not going to get that much change."

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  1. As in N.C. We have a crooked elite candidates for the Rep. and Dem. parties. The both should be voted out off office. I am a registered republican, but cannot vote for either. Term limits is the only answer. We have got to figure out a way.

    1. Agree with you about the republican candidate, but not the democrat.

      If we do not throw the teatard republicans (pronounced FASCIST) out of all elected offices, we will soon have no nation to save.

  2. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Sent: 7/25/2014 1:44:51 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time
    Subj: No I didn't abandon the GOP BUT

    No, I didn't abandon the GOP !!!

    BUT, I'm upset with the GOP due to their CONSTANT squabbles with the Tea Party (whom are mostly Republicans and independents). By not making an accommodation with Tea Party, you are alienating a massive portion of the voters thereby GIVING the upcoming elections to the fn Democrats.
    What is wrong with you ? Are you that obsessed with Tea Party positions that you would destroy your chances in November ? To Paraphrase Mrs. Gump:
    So I ask you, do you really expect Tea Partyers to contribute one dime to the GOP when you spend millions of dollars putting Tea Party candidates down ? See Cochran for example. I know I won't until you show a miniscule of common sense and S.T.F.U. at least until after the election(s).
    Tell Rove et al to wise up. He isn't helping the cause.


    I'll send this to Tea Party Patriots because the same applies to them in reverse.

    1. The teatard tea party are not republicans. They are FASCIST who are wholly owned by the disgustingly rich. The teatards are mostly too stupid to realize what is going on because they only get their information form Murdock's lyres at Fox News (NOT)Once the rich have total control, they will kick the tea party to the curb, and install their fascist government.

  3. The Independents are the largest political group. They are also EX Dems and RINOs. They are unlikely to vote for any NWO/Corporate types. Add to that the Tea Partiers. I dont see eith Dems or RINOs winning much.

  4. a lifelong Democrat who left the Democratic Party after becoming a Christian
    First he went insane ( becoming a Christian) then he got real stupid ( left the Democratic Party)

    1. You are admitting you are a muslim jahedist..Atleast you have the will to admit it..

    2. You are the stupid one. I would be embarrassed to say I was a Democrat. They are like sheep--follow the leader--they vote blanket. "You vote for that, I vote for that!!" Never have the brains to make up their own mind. Read you idiots!!


Posted By: Chris Carmouche