Monday, August 25, 2014

Pope Francis: Please Ban Planned Parenthood Workers From Church Leadership Positions

You read that right, this pro-life organization has launched a campaign to demand that the Pope ban Planned Parenthood workers from leadership poistions in the Catholic Church... do they really need to ask?

(LifeNews) Should volunteers or employees of the Planned Parenthood abortion business be allowed to hold leadership positions within the Catholic Church? A pro-life group says no and is asking Pope Francis to deem the abortion giant an enemy of the Catholic Church.

In anticipation of the Vatican’s October 2014 Synod on the Family, American Life League is launching a new campaign called Defend the Family. Rooted in prayer, this campaign seeks to expose Planned Parenthood as the most dangerous enemy of traditional families and of the Catholic Church.

American Life League president, Judie Brown, stated, "Planned Parenthood has torn apart the family like a pack of ravenous wolves. The pro-life movement and the Church must stand together, face this threat, and shield our families from Planned Parenthood’s continued assaults."

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