Monday, August 11, 2014

How Democrats Commit Massive Voter Fraud

If you want to know how the dirty deed is done, this is the only article you will ever need to read.

(AIM) Participating in Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach’s “Crosscheck” program, North Carolina’s new GOP-led SBOE matched 765 voters registered in both NC and another state with the exact name, DOB and last four digits of SSN of those who voted in both states in the 2012 election. They found a total of 35,750 matching with the exact name and DOB who voted in two states in 2012 (many states don’t provide SSN information). They also found 13,416 deceased voters on the voter rolls, some of whom have come back from the dead to vote.

Some of this will certainly wind up to be clerical errors, but elections officials believe that partisans regularly use out-of-date voter registrations of people who have died or left the state in order to vote multiple times. In so doing they are committing both vote fraud and identity theft. This is a strong case for effective voter ID laws and cleaning the voter rolls—which are in shambles nationwide.

The Eric Holder Justice Department has pointedly resisted such efforts, battling states that enact voter ID laws—including North Carolina—and even suing states that attempt to clean their rolls. The reader can judge why. Opponents to cleaning up the rolls claim they are fighting “minority voter suppression,” but following enactment of voter ID laws in NC minority voter participation in 2014 primaries spiked 29.5 percent.

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  1. Just like they have always said , in Chicago, Vote and vote often.
    Ray Stevens song "Grandpa voted Democrat" spells it out fairly well. Grandpa was a life long Republican who surprised the family when he voted Democrat after he died.
    Answer this if you will, When did the Democrat Party become The Democratic Party? Calling the Democrats democratic or liberal are both oxymoron's.


Posted By: Chris Carmouche