Saturday, August 30, 2014

Holder Sues City For Denying Islamic Terrorist Indoctrination Center

Other than the fact that the Department of Injustice didn't sue when the city recently denied zoning for a Christian Church under the same circumstances, what no one else seems to be mentioning is that Americans who have joined ISIS have come from this city's greater metropolitan area.

(Star Tribune) The U.S. attorney said St. Anthony violated the rights of a religious group by not allowing a prayer center to open.

U.S. Attorney Andrew Luger announced the filing of a lawsuit against the city of St. Anthony for an alleged violation of the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act of 2000.

The federal government on Wednesday sued the small north-metro city of St. Anthony, contending that its City Council violated federal law in 2012 by rejecting a proposed Islamic center.

The lawsuit sprang from a controversy that echoes those that have flared in many U.S. cities when Muslims have sought to establish worship centers.

"An injustice has been done," U.S. Attorney Andrew Luger said at a news conference in Minneapolis. "I will not stand by while any religious group is subject to unconstitutional treatment that violates federal civil rights laws."

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  1. The christian fundamentalist do not like it when they realize that the law does not bow down and kiss their feet (or their ass).
    The US Attorney is right on target. Every one must be treated equally, and the christian fundamentalist don't like having to share the stage. That is what the establishment clause means. Everyone is equal in the eyes of the law.

    1. You are a fool, evangelical do not kill their own members, encourage jihad agsinst their neighbors, strap bombs to their children to kill, do not use their churches to recruit for Raducl groups, whereas Muslims do, and they try to hide it, look at the three Americans already killed in Syria fighting for the ISIS recruited out of the Muslim community in Minnesota. When a city does not want the headaches connected with Muslim facilities in their town they shoud be able to turn them away. But I guess when ISIS bombs some place in the US he might understand --

    2. Consider that everyone is also equal under the laws prohibiting murder of anyone by any means even when approved by leaders of any ideology posing as a religion seeking protection by the first amendment of the very document they openly intend to replace with shariah law. Venturing outside of your concentric circles of rank for truth could be the best move you ever made.
      If you fail to expose the beliefs of your chosen ism that are contrary to the constitution of the US, then you also are subject to pay dearly for your complicity in treason without any promise of reward after death from by leaders or any language mistranslated from scripts gathered from a former wife of their deceased messenger in their caliph approved guidebook considered holy..

    3. Fine! When all heck breaks loose, as it shall, we'll know EXACTLY where the muslim-terrorist are. More power to the Holder!

    4. Tell me does that " Everyone is equal in the eyes of the law" also apply to your president? If the town of St Anthony also refused a Cristian Church a permit for the same reason, why is it OK for a Mosque?

    5. The Muslims are not a religious order they are a government that follows the order from the Q'ran that they believe is their holy word from a man that proclaims all who believe in his words are better than those that do not and advocates for the death of the non believers. The Attorney General is misguided as is Obama in the belief or advocacy of equal rights for these ruthless killers. We are engaged in a war against the same believers in another country and to allow them rights in our nation is just foolish. All Muslims that believe in the Q'ran are called on to follow the orders that will be given them and as such their presence here is creating a population that will turn on America when the order is given. Their mosques are learning/training centers that teach military fundamentals to their women and children. We are fools to allow them to set up their camps/mosques here.

  2. I believe everyone needs to re-read the first part where the denied the same application by a Christian group before the Muslims applied. "the city recently denied zoning for a Christian Church under the same circumstance" That takes care of 'equal.'

  3. Remember David Koresh? He ran a "Religious" cult which was accused of having arms and training it's members for revolution. The Dept. Of Justice under Janet Reno wiped out every man, woman and child. Burned them alive. A mosque is a training center for revolution. It's goal is to train it's adherents to establish a world-wide caliphate, using any means possible, including bombs and firearms. There is a world of difference between it and a legitimate religion. All mosques should be closed and destroyed, just as they did to David Koresh's people.

  4. Since the city already refused to allow a Christian Church to locate in the area for the same reasons, it doesn't sound like discrimination. The city has 5% of its area that does not allow religious organizations -so why is the masjid so focused on setting up in that 5%?

  5. The Christian Group that was denied should sue, too. But oh wait, the feds will only sue on behalf of atheists, Muslims, homosexuals, and virtually everyone OTHER THAN Christians that it craps on. The federal government disgusts me more and more every day and I will vote for anyone and everyone who wants to dramatically cut both its power and budget.


Posted By: Chris Carmouche