Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Hillary Clinton: We Didn't Arm ISIS Enough

National Review's Tim Cavanaugh comes to this rather shocking by simply examining what she has said in the past...

(National Review) Clinton and McCain, along with many Obama detractors today, will argue... that the “secularists” and “everything in the middle” were the people who needed our help, not the Islamists.

But is there any reason to believe anybody in the Clinton State Department knew the difference? They certainly don’t seem to have been able to tell friend from foe among the anti-Qaddafi resistance in Libya. During eight years of full commitment in Iraq, the United States was so unable to distinguish the nuances among Iraqi factions that we’re now stuck with an Iraqi leader who refuses to leave office even with total opposition from his own government and our government.

We can’t even prevent one of our good pals in Afghanistan from killing an American general. But somehow the same people who ran those operations were supposed to know which Syrian Sunni fighters were sufficiently moderate to deserve lethal American assistance?

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  1. Hillary, defines the term of, Dumb Broad.

  2. ISIS is headed by a Mosad agent according to an article on the internet. ISIS is a complete fabrication of the Illuminati and the goddess they worship is named Isis. Some of the pictures of ISIS doing things are over a year old


Posted By: Chris Carmouche