Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Future Generations Will Ask Why Didn't Congress Impeach Obama?

(Diana West) Most of our progeny — and certainly those millions descended from the Latin American (and other) populations President Obama invited to invade the former United States — will never ask such questions. But some Americans — those who will throw off their burqas and speak English in the privacy of their caves — will be aghast at the paralysis of their ancestors who lost all.

"Seriously," they will say to a granny whose granny told her. "You're telling us that in 2014, the people still had the vote? Still had the Internet? That they still could elect a Congress with the powers of the purse, which could, at the very least, have provided funds to states for the National Guard to stop the Invasion of 2014-2024 (taught by government schools as the 'Gran Liberacion')? And they did ... nothing?"

"That's right," she will croak. "They did nothing."

"Why? Tell us again why they didn't love liberty enough to defend" — their voices will drop to a whisper — "the Former Constitution and impeach the tyrant?"

Why, indeed. The very old lady, confused herself, will restate the reasons, the ones she first heard long ago. They still wouldn't make sense, but it was almost all the history they had left.

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  1. Ronald Reagan; " the generation that gives up it's freedom will never taste it again". signed Regulus 30;; APATHY APATHY THE "ME, ME , ME " GENERATION....

  2. Because there were a few who knew it would fall on its face like a drunk who hit his limit.

    It would not make it past the senate. It takes 2/3 majority to pass the senate.

  3. you need both houses of congress to impeach a president. The House indicts the Pres., and the Senate trys the Pres. DO YOU REALLY THINK DIRTY HARRY REID IS GOING TO PROSECUTE HIS PRESIDENT. HE MORE CORRUPT THAN OBAMA.

    1. do you think that the American ppl are going to support and reelect a Senate that does not have the onions to vote for impeach---Your reasons to not impeach are loaded with fear & the truth is the Senate has more to fear than the ppl do---Impeach POTUS and vote out them that will not support it.

  4. It was because of what went on in the media, especially the tv shows that were on for at least ten years, that blacks are good and can never do wrong. And people forgot that those are just tv shows and have no basis in reality.

  5. If the GOP elitist leadership thinks Obama will do so much very bad stuff that they'll win the next Presidential election the joke just may be on them... and they all should be ousted and outed as globalist elitists pushing for a new world order.

  6. Why does no one in America, not the Tea Party, not the GOP, not the Dems, and certainly not the new media, admit what all the other countries of the world already know. The American president is a Muslim.

  7. mmmmmmmmmmmmm a covert muslim? i wonder if he prays 5 times a day in his busy schedule..... perhaps it would be more truthful to say he is an islamic SYMPATHIZER?


Posted By: Chris Carmouche