Monday, August 25, 2014

Federal Reserve: ObamaCare Is Hurting Businesses

The Fed hasn't quite jumped on the repeal ObamaCare bandwagon, but this federal reserve bank (the fourth in a row) is admitting that ObamaCare is causing significant job loss, higher health care costs and inflated prices for goods and services that Americans use on a daily basis.

(Daily Caller) A fourth Federal Reserve bank found Monday that the Affordable Care Act is hurting businesses and upping costs for their employees and customers.

The survey from the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas is the fourth in a row to conclude that Obamacare is damaging businesses. The health-care law is prompting a significant number of businesses surveyed by Federal Reserve banks nationwide to cut employees, hike health care costs for employees and even raise prices for customers.

This year, 48.6 percent of businesses surveyed told the Dallas Fed that Obamacare is raising health care costs for employees a lot; 54.7 percent expect it to raise costs in 2015. With another 35.1 percent of businesses reporting that it raises costs "a little" in 2014, as well as 29.7 percent in 2015, almost all companies admit that the health-care law is making it more difficult to offer employees health coverage.

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  1. More elephant crap from the extreme right.
    the fact it was in the daily caller takes away all credibility.

  2. The truth is that the ACA is SAVING companies money. When the corporate part of the law is rolled out, it will result in major savings.

  3. Sorry Anonymous but hard numbers don't lie! You bought the kool-aid! Keep believing the lies and you too will suffer the losses eventually!!! The number of scandals Obama has ignited don't lie. There is nothing sacred! Lie, cheat, steal your way and the ACA only got through because of the lies!!! Seriously, you must see that!

  4. This is what Obama wants, to destroy America and open it up to the Muslim world.


Posted By: Chris Carmouche