Saturday, August 23, 2014

California To Compel Catholic Institutions To Pay For Abortions

The 1st Amendment apparently means nothing to California Governor Jerry Brown and those who wish to use health care to impose their perverse world view on everyone.

(SFGate) Gov. Jerry Brown’s administration has reversed an earlier decision to allow two Catholic universities to eliminate coverage of most abortions for employees, saying state law requires health insurance plans to cover all abortions…

Urged by abortion-rights groups and university employees to reconsider the issue, Brown’s Department of Managed Health Care, in letters to be sent Friday to insurers for both universities, said the exclusions violate a 1975 state law that requires group health plans to cover all basic services – defined, by the law, as those that are “medically necessary.”

"Abortion is a basic health care service," the department’s director, Michelle Rouillard, said in the letter.

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  1. As it should be.
    No "business" entity should have the right to interfere with a woman's access to abortion or contraception.

    And churches are BUSINESSES.

    Like one of my favorite comments; "Religion is a Mickey Mouse operation.

    A cash machine built on a myth. Only difference is the Disney empire does not try to convene you that Micky is "real"".

  2. No woman should expect anyone else to pay for her contraceptives. It is her choice to need them and her responsibility to use them. It is her body and I have no say what she does as long as she does not expect me to pay for her choices. The law is all wrong and each person should be responsible for their choices.

  3. Soon, California, soon, God will "abort" you. The earthquake-birth pangs have begun. I pray for the saved there; that they are spared, that the Rapture is at hand (It is, praise God!) and I pray that the unsaved will find Christ and repent before it is too late. Government is NOT God.

  4. "a 1975 state law that requires group health plans to cover all basic services – defined, by the law, as those that are “medically necessary.” "

    An abortion is medically necessary only if the life and health of the mother is in grave danger. The Department's interpretation that all abortions are medical necessary seems wrong to me.

    Similarly, fertility is not an illness. If a fertile man wants to avoid a pregnancy (and paying child support), he can buy a condom, from his own money. If a fertile woman wants to avoid a pregnancy, she should pay contraception from her own money.

  5. The story is elephant crap, but it sounds like a good idea.


Posted By: Chris Carmouche