Monday, August 18, 2014

Breaking: Special Prosecutor Who Pursued Rick Perry A Democratic-Hack

If you've been listening to the media, you've heard that the Special Prosecutor who brought bogus charges against Texas Governor Rick Perry was a "Republican appointee," but this former Member of Congress just blew the whistle on that media fabrication.

(WND) DeLay said Lehmberg sought cover in Perry’s case by seeking the appointment of a special prosecutor, Michael McCrum.

"But McCrum is a Democratic Party partisan who worked real hard to be appointed U.S. attorney by Obama, but it didn’t go through," DeLay said. "But his connections are with the Democratic Party."

DeLay discounted the Travis County district attorney’s office claims that its indictment of Texas Democrats proves it’s non-partisan.

"When Ronnie Earle went after Democrat Party officials, they were his political enemies that he sought to destroy, even though they were Democrats," DeLay argued.

"For the most part, the Travis County district attorney’s office targets Republicans. They even went after former U.S. senator from Texas Kay Bailey Hutchison, when she was Texas state comptroller. She successfully defended herself and the case collapsed from a botched prosecution by Ronnie Earle. You have to understand that Ronnie Earle was extremely partisan and extremely leftist, and he abused this office for the 30 years that he held the office. Lehmberg is no different."

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  1. Standard teatard tactics.
    The democrats are learning well.
    Now they just need to rip Perry "a new one"

    1. I foresee the only thing getting ripped here is a certain Drunken Democrat D.A.'s License to practice law. Getting arrested for DRUNK DRIVING, Blowing and Blood draw @3X the legal limit driving the wrong way on the freeway with an open Half Gallon Bottle of Vodka on the seat next to Her and resisting arrest are ALL ethics violations wich She plead Guilty to... Perry was 100% correct in His actions and also Legaly obligated to force Her resignation. This actually may very well give Him that extra push to claim the seat of POTUS should He choose to throw His Hat in...

  2. She is a democrat, but she is not a hack.
    She took out one of Perry's cronies, so he has been out to taker our.

    He threatened her with taking her funding away if she did not resign. She did not and Perry vetoed her funding.

    That is exactly what the indictment said he did. hopefully he will end up in jail, for a very long time.


Posted By: Chris Carmouche