Saturday, August 2, 2014

Border Official: 'I'd Almost Guarantee People Have Been Released That Are Sick'

If what this border agent says is accurate - and we have every reason to believe that what he says is accurate - the U.S. is potentially in story for a pandemic, courtesy of Barack Hussein Obama.

(NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) According to Shawn Moran, the vice president and spokesman for the National Border Patrol Council, scabies and lice are the two main infestations that his agents come across. He adds that chicken pox, measles, H1N1 and tuberculosis are also pretty common. Really, he says they see a whole gamete of diseases and that’s what his men are most concerned with.

Moran tells KDKA Radio’s Mike Pintek that there have been agents who have been hospitalized with respiratory illnesses that they believe came from their job. He says the agents understand going into the job that this is one of their responsibilities.

"Absolutely, I would almost guarantee that there are people that have been released that are sick and that are now in American society," said Moran.

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