Wednesday, August 13, 2014

American Christian Activist 'Wanted' For 'Hate Crimes' In Canada

It's no joke. Pro-family activist Matt Barber is on Canada's hit list and it's not an isolated incident, pro-family advocate Peter LaBarbera and his Canadian Christian host Bill Whatcott were recently arrested in Regina, Saskatchewan, for preaching the Gospel on a university campus.

(WCJ) You could've timed their response to a stopwatch. Want to see a collectivist conniption? Drop an unvarnished truth bomb in the middle of Canada, most of Europe, or blue-state USA–and sit back for the mouth-frothing. It's quite a show. The bright light of salty truth both blinds and burns those given over to reprobation.

CBC News, the "largest news broadcaster in Canada," reported on both my column and the ensuing response: "Members of a Newfoundland and Labrador Pride group were so outraged about a two-page anti-gay [read: Christian] letter to the editor published by an entertainment magazine in the province, they filed a human rights complaint."

Several other "gay rights" organizations have since picked up their pitchforks and joined the mob. The Canadian government was likewise quick to react. Remzi Cej of Canada’s “Human Rights Commission” (something between a Star Chamber and a kangaroo court, but without that level of credibility) said, "he’s disappointed that the Herald has cited 'free speech' as justification for publishing the opposing view" (because, of course, to the leftist, free speech is only "free" when it’s speech with which they agree).

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  1. Most all of the "pro family" are haters.

    Finally, someone has taken action against them.


Posted By: Chris Carmouche