Tuesday, July 15, 2014

[Video] FAA Destroyed Loretta Fuddy Files?

When Loretta Fuddy - the former Director of the Hawaii Department of Health and a woman who would have had intimate knowledge of the truth surrounding the Obama Birth Certificate Controversy - mysteriously died in a plane crash, people thought something smelled fishy. Now a private investigator is claiming the FAA destroyed the files on the crash and she claims she has FOIA documents to prove her contention.


  1. Imagine that, another missing piece of the truth! Why was she the only person to dies in the crash? This incompetent idiot president is a disgrace to our nation, one lie after another and the wimps in govt don't see the damage he has done as they are only interested in their personal reelection to continue more of the BS from bo!

    1. She was already dead BEFORE the plane hit the water. Rule #1: Eliminate ANY and ALL leaks! Simple common sense.

  2. The Pharaoh interloper has no allegiance to this country. What does anyone expect from a foreign born person who hates Caucasoid America?

    1. So true, so true and if this Muslim-Marxist jihadsist is permitted to finish his term then America is finished as well! We no longer have an opposition party and we no longer have a free press which equates to "US" no longer having a free country! The useful idiotic Obaa-baa-ma-nites think that they are free because they can smoke dope, fornicate, attend sporting, musical and enterainment events wqhich are meant to keep them distracted and to morally debase them so that their will power to confront these communist satan worshippers is destroyed just like our country has been destroyed! WAKE UP, WISE UP, RISE UP!

    2. those days are already gone, today its time to think on how to get back our country, and how far you are willing to go to get it. remember America is not known to be a land of cowards .
      freedom does not come free, although most people live that way they take it for granted, But they are now learning this is not true at least for those who are paying attention to whats going on, Ask your self how far am I willing to go to save my country from a tyrannic gov take over, as long as we still have the right to bare arms thers always a way out. don't forget that.....

  3. This is getting to be standard operating procedure now.

  4. Where are the other passengers now? Where is the pilot? Where are the persons that supposedly investigated the crash? How about all her records in an office? Where are they? Every single one needs to be held accountable.

  5. I'm not surprised at anything that occurs in this Indonesian's administration. He is a liar - given. He is a coward - given. He is a fool - given. He is a damn fool - given.

  6. So she was 'taken out', what a surprise! They will do ANYTHING to keep him in power!

  7. hey everyone is forgetting his white grandmother, I would like to know what part he played in her death plus 2 gay lovers that were killed just before he ran for senate seat

  8. She conveniently died right before the elections; Barry or his handlers were probably afraid she would slip and he would come tumbling down -- what's one more to him?

  9. With the Obama administration turning loose children and adults with known diseases into communities all over the United States, he is starting an epidemic. This is a crime against humanity. He must be arrested immediately, This is a national health crime. This is no accident of politics it is the plan started by Ezekiel Emanuel a close friend of Obama he wants to reduce world population, therefore just start an epidemic, small pox , Ebola, Black plague, Swine flu etc.
    Just bring in illegal aliens house them make sure they have a disease them turn them loose in your town. This is biological warfare.
    There is no need to impeach Obama, this is a violation of international law. Starting a health epidemic. The Secret Service should arrest him and lock him up for life.
    Eric Holder as Attorney General should be arrested as an accomplice for not stopping him. John Boehner should be arrested as a co conspirator for not investigating if Obama is legally president.
    Of course the elite of both the Democrat party and the Republican party have been aware and support this crime against humanity.

    The state legislatures can remove Obama under the Ten Amendment powers.
    Remove the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist –traitor!
    When a crime has been committed a sheriff has the authority and responsibility to arrest the criminal. Obama has broken the laws of this country the Constitution .Obama in his own words admired in the 1991 Harvard review that he was born in Kenya.
    Western Journalism ;Sun, Dec 15, 2013 at 10:01
    AM Sun, 10:01 AM In Case You Missed It...
    Thus he committed perjury by taking the oath of office to support the constitution when already violated it's requirement of being a native born American. His violation of the Constitutions has continually ever since. Why haven't the members of Congress taken action ? Every member of Congress have committed treason and should be removed and tried.
    The people must take action. The sheriffs or the governess must take action to arrest this imposer/dictator now.
    When a CEO of a corporation fails( no profit) ,he is removed by the board of Directors or the stock holder.
    It time to remove the failed CEO of the United States of America.
    There is a legal way to remove Obama and all his henchmen but it will take a real patriot to lead the movement.
    The president is the appointee of the majority of states by the wisdom of the Electors chosen by the states (Article II section 1). If the person chosen by the Electors proves to be a misfit, the States have the responsibility to remove the misfit from office. As a majority of states put him in office an act by the majority of the states (26 ) can remove him from office.
    While this action is not specifically elaborated, there is the 10th Amendment that Reserves to the states any powers not delineated elsewhere in the constitution.
    The pretend department of unjustice will challenge this action so the Supreme Court may have to rule on this. We cannot let the Supreme Court keep the unfit pretend president in office. At least one or two Supreme Court Justices will have to rescue themselves because they were part of the team that hide Obama's
    Forward this to your state legislature, now. o r the secretary of State of your state. Here is a link. http://www.nass.org/contact/sos-members/
    The following link will get you to a link to your state legislatures. http://www.usa.gov/Agencies/State-and-Territories.shtml

  10. Surely some must be aware by now of blood trail involving some twenty professionals and two innocent teens that the Clintons left from Arkansas to the oval office.that was smoothed over by the DOJ. Specifically what measure of justice can be expected from an assistant AG then and now in full authority of the office. in plain sight of complicit MSM and a senate blighted by a corrupt majority with their leader biting the bits of a bridal held by a corrupt political party that installed an undocumented alien as commander in chief of the US military?
    If the precocious pile of political party feces stacked in near total media silence for 50 years is not evident to all claiming US citizenship then it must be time for this American Indian to follow the buffalo to Canada.to escape the stench of the "Big Cesspool on the Hill". They don't even attempt to wipe any more.and now just pretend it never happened while creating another calamity to shroud the endless successive failures compiled in direct conflict with their sworn oaths of office. Whenever complicit media is involved blaming anything on a member of the other party, race or gender is far more productive than having a bastard blame his grandparents.

  11. Lorena Fuddy was a member of the Subud cult. muhammad Subud is a carbon copy of Ohomo. Subud is more than likely Ohomo's real father. Google Subud and see for yourself.

  12. We have a real CROOK for a president !!


  14. If we take the senate in November, we MUST get rig of obummer. If he is allowed to stay until the end of his term, the US is lost. If we don't take the senate, possible because of massive voter fraud, then other means must be taken. Get rid of him any way that that can happen.


Posted By: Chris Carmouche