Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Pope Francis Once Again Equates Christianity To Communism

According to the headline of this Reuters story, the Pope is claiming that Communists are actually closet Christians... quick, someone apologize to Josef Stalin...

(Reuters) Pope Francis, whose criticisms of unbridled capitalism have prompted some to label him a Marxist, said in an interview published on Sunday that communists had stolen the flag of Christianity.

The 77-year-old pontiff gave an interview to Il Messaggero, Rome's local newspaper, to mark the feast of Saints Peter and Paul, a Roman holiday.

He was asked about a blog post in the Economist magazine that said he sounded like a Leninist when he criticized capitalism and called for radical economic reform.

"I can only say that the communists have stolen our flag. The flag of the poor is Christian. Poverty is at the center of the Gospel," he said, citing Biblical passages about the need to help the poor, the sick and the needy.

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  1. The RC pope is subly pushing hard for a one-world religion...ecumenical efforts going on now drawing open dialogue with muslims clerics, Word Faith pastors, and Apostolic Reformed Theology ... all apostates to Biblical Christianity.

    1. Study the third secret of Fatima. I am RC and DO NOT like this Pope. I believe that Mary's warning is coming to pass in this Pope.


      There shall be bishop against bishop and cardinal against cardinal, as satan has set himself in their midst.

  2. The Catholic Church also supported Nazism. They helped a good many Hitler henchmen excape to Argentina after WWII>

  3. The pope's assessment of the situation is right on.


Posted By: Chris Carmouche