Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Black Pastor Claims Team Cochran Paid Dems To Vote For Cochran Against Tea Party Challenger

It's a possible bombshell. According to Breitbart, this pastor is claiming that Black Democrat voters were paid a bounty of $15 to vote for Thad Cochran in the Mississippi GOP Primary.

(Breitbart) A black Mississippi pastor has emerged to claim Sen. Thad Cochran's (R-MS) campaign paid "thousands" of Democrats $15 each to vote in the June 24 GOP runoff – and that he was part of the scheme.

Rev. Stevie Fielder, an associate pastor at First Union Missionary Baptist Church in Meridian, Mississippi, says Cochran's campaign "told me to offer blacks $15 each and to vote for Thad."

Fielder, who was paid by freelance journalist Charles C. Johnson for the story, provided a new outlet launched by Johnson——with four text messages from a person purporting to be Cochran campaign staffer Saleem Baird.

The messages cite an official Cochran campaign email address——and include detailed discussions of the campaign providing envelopes of money to distribute to people who vote.

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