Wednesday, June 25, 2014

World Leader Commands Women To 'Die'

Barack Obama may have instituted death panels but this Prime Minister proclaimed on his personal blog that it is the duty of women to "die."

(Daily Caller) The top image of the blog shows the prime minister’s face positioned next to the English word “shine,” written in Roman letters. “Shine,” in English, obviously means for an object to be bright, glowing, or for a person to perform a task in an extraordinary fashion.

When the word “shine” is written in English, however, it looks like the Japanese word for “die.”

Supporting women, Prime Minister Abe meant to say "Shine! All Women, to a Sparkly Japan." Instead, he said "Die! All Women, to a Sparkly Japan."

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  1. It was not Obama that instituted the "death panels". It was the insurance companies, and the republicans.

  2. Follow up.
    Not only did Obama not institute the "death panels", the ACA eliminated the insurance c0ompany death panels" by eliminating the practice of doping sick patinas, and eliminating the use of preexisting conditions to not issue insurance.


Posted By: Chris Carmouche