Thursday, June 19, 2014

Terrorist Attack Takes Down Entire Country's Power Grid

This is no joke. Al-Qaeda terrorist just succeeded in taking down the power grid of an entire country and the United States could be next.

(WND) Al-Qaida has a new way to bring its targets down – attacking the electrical grid systems that provide power. No power means no communications, defenses or much of anything else.

Sources have confirmed that on June 9, al-Qaida of the Arabian Peninsula, or AQAP, which uses Yemen as a base, attacked there. The attack, however, wasn’t on just a city, it was on the entire country.

Jihadists attacked power lines in the central province of Marib, and sources report they knocked out Yemen’s entire national power grid, leaving services such as gas stations without power.

The attack went after power lines connecting outlying regions to the capital, Sanaa, which is in the Jaham district of Marib province.

While technicians have begun to repair the power lines, the Yemeni military caught up with the jihadists, who were equipped not only with small arms, but also mortars and medium-caliber weapons.

The Yemeni Air Force also launched airstrikes targeting the AQAP fighters.

"This is the first case where a terrorist attack on the power grid has blacked out an entire nation," said Peter Vincent Pry, who once was staff director of the congressionally mandated EMP commission, which determined the impact of an electromagnetic pulse event on the life-sustaining critical infrastructures in the United States that rely completely on the vulnerable national grid system.

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  1. It's very easy to move around in a free society. This fact makes the U.S. extremely vulnerable to a terrorist attack on our electrical grid. If we can't protect our borders, how can we protect our extremely valuable grid? Our country is going to be easy pickin's for those bent on our destruction....and we can't even keep them out of our country.


Posted By: Chris Carmouche