Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Rush Limbaugh Calls GOP 'Corrupt' And 'Reprehensible'

For those who mistakenly believe that Rush Limbaugh blindly carries water for the GOP, think again. Limbaugh went off and pulled no punches...

(WND) The nation’s top-rated radio host just launched a blistering attack on the GOP establishment, calling it “corrupt” and “reprehensible” for aligning with Democrats to defeat a tea-party Republican in a Senate primary runoff.

On Tuesday night, six-term Sen. Thad Cochrane held off state Sen. Chris McDaniel by a narrow margin of 50.8 percent of the votes to 49.2 percent.

On Limbaugh’s Wednesday program, the host flayed the Republican Party’s tactics, holding up a flyer featuring photos of both candidates he said was indicative of the GOP’s efforts.

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  1. I've written to as many Rhino's as I could, given up my Republican membership, I'm officially only a Tea Partier now!!! Rush, thank you for taking a stand ' I and many of my friends are totally in agreement with you!!!!

    1. I have done the same thing. Not only that I just told the Rand Paul poll that I would no longer support him because he is out to destroy all unions. We came from a right to work state and starved trying to raise five children. We moved to Oregon and joined IBEW. Now my husband has vacation, several pensions and non profit bank and medical insurance.
      Rand Paul also said he no longer wanted to repeal Obamacare, but fix it. Nuts to that.

    2. Rand Paul is not out to destroy unions. What he seeks is doing away with forced unionism and the lingering laws that enable whole industries to remain unionized without allowing anyone to work in them outside of the unions. That concept is about basic freedom and for far too long we haven't had it.

      Even if a factory, office, etc. votes to unionize, if one person out of the 1,000 doesn't want to be in the union they should be left alone to carry on as they want. That's the basic premise behind "Right To Work" and what should be part of our labor laws going forward.

      No one should ever be forced into a union if they don't want to be - there's no excuse for that in the year 2014. If unions are truly providing valuable services, they shouldn't need laws to forcibly increase their ranks.

  2. Bill from Louisiana...
    My response to NRSC today:

    Show my dedication to a band of thieves? You've got to be kidding.

    After the unconscionable action you took to help Thad Cochran by
    attracting democratic voters, I will never donate to the National
    Republican Party again. You showed your lack of conscience with that

    You wanted to hurt the Tea Party? You guaranteed them my future
    support. And don't bother to attempt to email me again, as I am
    unsubscribing you after this email.

    1. "help Thad Cochran by attracting democratic voters"

      Why shouldn't blacks vote in Republican primaries in Mississippi if they have concluded that the Democratic candidate has no chance of winning?

  3. I agree with Rush made my blood boil to hear Cochran and his pals, including John McCain, jumped in bed with the evil lying liberal scum because they are so power hungry they would sleep with the devil for one more term...just one more term! These politicians, like Cochran that has been in office for over 40 years are to blame for pushing our country toward the economic cliff, soaring our debt to no return heights and wasting billions in the the way, I hope Rangel, who also got re elected chokes on a chicken bone the ignorant, corrupt POS.

  4. While McDaniel lost the race by a close margin, it does not mean that he has lost everything. He continues to hold ( I believe) the power of the November general election in his hand. all he has to do is ask his voter to refrain from voting in the fall election. So someway the republican party is going to have make things as right as they can with McDaniels. If they don't. they are more stupid than I thought. My bvelief is the McDaniels still hold the power of the election in his hands....

  5. Write-in votes worked for Lisa Murkowski in Alaska.
    For sure the Dems will not vote for a Republican in November.
    It took their votes to push Cochran ahead of McDaniel.
    McDaniel can still pull it off !!

    1. ... that would be awesome!

  6. I don't know about anyone else, but I'm willing to see the GOP Establishment lose elections in the immediate in order to convert the party back to true tea-partyish conservatism and purge the RINOs.


Posted By: Chris Carmouche