Monday, June 9, 2014

Obama Regime To Provide Lawyers For Illegals

Free welfare... free medical care... free schools for your children... the perks given to those who cross our borders illegally just keep piling up....

(Washington Times) The Obama administration announced a program late last week that would provide attorneys for the young illegal immigrant children crossing in waves over the U.S.-Mexico border, saying they want to make sure the unaccompanied minors are getting fair legal representation.

The joint project between the Justice Department and AmeriCorps, the government’s national service organization, aims to recruit 100 lawyers and paralegals to shepherd the children through the immigration system, making sure they are treated properly and can make claims for legal status or protection if they are eligible.

"We’re taking a historic step to strengthen our justice system and protect the rights of the most vulnerable members of society," Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. said in a statement announcing the plan.

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  1. Fundamentally wrong on all counts, particularly this Administration's motivation. This President and Holder need to be impeached and imprisoned for their crimes against our Constitution and the tax paying citizens.

  2. Why don't we indict Holder and Obama for treason?

  3. 535 legislators are aiding and abetting the enemy obozo. Traitors. Everyone of them.

  4. Most vulnerable members of our society. ....wrong....they are not members of our society, a false premise for an argument as to why they are here or why they should be allowed to be here on American soil. Deport now, no more sob stories or charity, fresh out.

  5. This scenario is orchestrated straight from the 'man' himself! He keeps pushing to see just how far he can get and so far we are all getting closer to the cliff he wants to push us all over! If we don't stand up now, there will be nothing left. We need to take other measures because nothing so far is working. Prayer is powerful, but we must also do OUR PART, since God works in partnership with man since He gave us dominion over the earth and expects us to take care of things here with His help. Let's keep praying that God will show those who have the power what to do and what steps to take to resolve this situation. We as a nation need to repent, but it needs to come from the leadership. Pray for this 'president' that God will change his heart.


Posted By: Chris Carmouche