Monday, June 16, 2014

Free Report: Is It Entirely Possible That Barack Obama Is Intentionally Trying To Destroy The United States Of America?

Is it entirely possible that the problem with Obama's policies is not that they are failing, but rather, that they were specifically and purposefully designed to fail and break the back of the United States?

Is it entirely possible that every move Barack Hussein Obama has made was specifically designed to destroy the United States of America... a country he clearly detests?

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You may already believe as much... and yet, even some conservative pundits and politicians are hopelessly in the dark... far too many of them are willing to give Obama the benefit of the doubt and simply proclaim him incompetent... or out of his league when it comes to fulfilling his duties as President of the United States.

Unfortunately, even conservatives in Congress and in the media are still behind the power curve... what they don't realize is that the undeniable and shocking truth is that Barack Obama (perhaps purposefully... perhaps unknowingly) is actually following a carefully laid-out strategy for destroying the United States of America.

Of course you won't read about this open secret on the front page of the New York Times or The Washington Post... and you won't see any reports on this strategy to destroy the United States or on Barack Obama's direct connections to those who formulated and implemented this strategy on ABC, NBC, CBS or CNN.

That's why we're publishing a shocking 13-page report that goes into detail and lays out all the facts. Right now, this shocking 13-page report is in pre-release. It's not yet available to the general public but we'd like for you to be among the first to see it.

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Questions That Demand Answers...

The American people know less about Barack Hussein Obama than any other occupant of the White House... EVER. His past and his rhetoric are shrouded in mystery.

More to the point... during the presidential campaign, Obama spoke repeatedly of "change" ... but he never gave the American people any specifics... and the Mainstream Media never bothered to demand that he give the American people any details... and perhaps if we had known more about Obama's past, the American people would have known precisely what Obama really meant when of spoke of "change."

Here are a few questions that might lead to an explanation of what Obama meant when he spoke of "change."

Did you know that there is an actual strategy, formulated some 40 years ago, to effect radical change in the United States and that this strategy specifically calls for the deliberate sabotage of our economy, our livelihoods, and our position in the world?

Did you know that this strategy calls for the deliberate flooding of government systems in order to cause the government to implode under its own weight?

But, wait a minute, how does sabotaging the economy and causing it to implode, further this strategy? Well... according to the strategy... the American way of life, as we know it, MUST be destroyed and discredited because the American people will NOT ACCEPT STATISM UNTIL the present system is destroyed and discredited.

And, according to the strategy... once the economy is broken... once unemployment rises even further... once increasing numbers of private businesses, unable to shoulder the tax burden, shut their doors... once crushing debt and the reckless printing of money drives our nation into insolvency... liberals will simply continue shouting a mantra that you have already heard... "Capitalism Has Failed" ... and their cure for what ails us will be... direct government intervention... greater levels of dependency by individuals on the federal government... and more government control over our day-to-day lives.

Of course, the Obama spending schemes are just one example of the strategy at work. ObamaCare... open borders and amnesty for millions of illegal aliens... so-called Cap-and-Trade policies... in fact, ALL of Obama's domestic policies fit into this master strategy to sabotage the American economy?

Now, you might be asking... can this strategy actually work? If you're asking that question, know that this strategy WAS successfully implemented (on a smaller scale) over 30 years ago and actually bankrupted one of the largest cities in the world... right here in the United States?

And yes, Barack Hussein Obama is not only implementing this strategy on a national level... the individuals who devised this strategy and their protégés are directly connected to Barack Hussein Obama.

Is the fact that Barack Hussein Obama is connected to the authors of this plan... and the fact that he is implementing their strategy just a coincidence... or does Obama know precisely what he is doing?

The questions posed above are just a few of the issues we examine in this shocking 13-page report and that's why we'd like you to be among the first to see it... before we release it to the general public.

You may have an idea, in your gut, of what Obama meant, when he spoke of "change." Now you can know precisely what he meant.

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More Questions....

Ask yourself the following:

Has Obama not flooded the government with an impossible list of demands that will overwhelm the bureaucracy and cause a systemic failure at every level of government from the local to state to national level?

Have Obama’s associates and allies not inundated the electoral system with millions of new voters (fraudulently and otherwise), who will be beholden to the current political party to obtain, preserve and extend the government handouts they are receiving?

Has Obama not printed ungodly amounts of money and blown the federal deficit through the roof? Has Obama not poisoned our financial system and private industry, setting them up for an inevitable failure that can only be remedied by government intervention, and consequential control?

Is it not true that even though real employment is around 16-17 percent, Obama and his allies in Congress - instead of giving tax relief to private businesses… a strategy that is sure to put people back to work... simply continue to extend unemployment benefits?

And does any rational person still doubt that Obama seeks to create a socialist society upon which he can strengthen his political grip and maintain power though Putin-esque measures?

You already know, in your heart, the answers to those questions. What you may not know is the WHY and the HOW.

Please help us further our mission and, in gratitude for your kind help, please accept, via immediate download, our new report that explains the HOW and the WHY.

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