Saturday, June 7, 2014

Here Are Some Firearm Stories That Will Never Make The National News

Here are some amazing stories of gun owners who thwarted criminal acts that you won't see in the national news. Read them and share them with your friends.

(Western Journalism) Each year, there are countless defensive firearm uses in the U.S.; and few if ANY will be reported by the “mainstream” media. For when an average citizen uses a gun to defend life, liberty, or property, the firearm becomes indispensable–and its owner, often a hero. And that is not a story that fits the media meme that guns are either useless or dangerous when not in the hands of law enforcement.

But a disapproving media aside, things like these DO happen:

1.) A week ago, a Fort Wayne, Indiana homeowner answered a knock at the front door, only to have five masked criminals (at least 2 of them armed) burst into the house. One ran upstairs, right into the barrel of a waiting pistol held by Chris Torres. Carrying a crowbar, the thug—Nathan Simmerson—managed to barricade himself in a bathroom.

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