Wednesday, May 7, 2014

You Won’t Believe What Big-Name Reporter Dated Monica Lewinsky

Of course, the date with the woman he "wouldn't mind brining home to mom" occurred more than 15-years ago, long before this big-time reporter became a household name.

(Western Journalism) Long before he became a household name for millions of Americans who depend on his daily news coverage, Jake Tapper worked as a journalist for the Washington City Paper. During his short time with the organization, he penned one personal column that, 16 years later, offers some insight into both the subject and its author.

Titled "I Dated Monica Lewinsky," Tapper’s piece was published in early 1998 as Bill Clinton was embroiled in a sex scandal involving the intern. A comprehensive report at more than 4,000 words, Tapper exhaustively recounted one dinner date he had with the woman he "wouldn’t mind bringing home to mom."

He recalled seeing Lewinsky in a crowd at a party, and the conversation that ensued between him and a former colleague.

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