Saturday, May 17, 2014

Teen Defeats Establishment Candidate In GOP Primary

It's probably the most under-reported story of the week but when a 17 year-old high school student beats the GOP hand-picked candidate in a primary race, the entire party should take notice.

(Personal Liberty News) West Virginia voters advanced 17 year-old high school senior Saira Blair to the November general election for a seat in the State House of Delegates this week, stalling the political career of her opponent, who was seeking his third term.

Blair, a pro-life, pro-gun Republican, defeated 66 year-old incumbent Republican Larry Kump in a low-turnout election to represent counties in West Virginia’s Eastern Panhandle in Charleston. She received 872 votes to Kump’s 728, and will face Democrat Layne Diehl in November.

Blair, who can’t vote until she turns 18 in July, ran a positive campaign that played up her conservative position on abortion, 2nd Amendment rights, government regulation of small business and taxation. She doubtless received some of her political gifts from her father, Craig Blair, a Republican who currently serves in the State Senate.

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  1. It's time for the American people to get serious about the state of our country! Regardless of party. To have a D behind your name puts you in the party of disgrace. The Republicans better start paying attention or they are fast becoming the same.

    1. The D stands for destiny.
      If we do not go with the democrats, the republiCONs will hand our country to the rich and disgusting, who will enslave us all.

  2. America needs anyone except the corrupt, greedy, bought and paid for little whores and demagogues from the status quo destroyers of democracy represented by both parties in our govt. today. If our ambitious, intelligent, energetic youngsters can be elected by patriotism in its correct form, instead of all the suckers of corporate cock we have now, America has a chance of being America again.

  3. The one thing we do not need is more religious nitwits in government.

    They promote poverty and servitude. The same as the rich SOBs that are buying our government, only instead of enriching the rich, they promote enriching the religious institutions. Both situations are very bad for the people.


Posted By: Chris Carmouche