Friday, May 9, 2014

Profs Secretly Behind Move To Oust Condi Rice At Rutgers

Anyone who has ever attended a university knows that nothing happens on campus without the express or implied authority of the staff. Student-led movements are actually a rarity although students are often used as cover...

(Campus Reform) Professors at Rutgers University pressured students to attend a teach-in protest of Condoleezza Rice as the school’s commencement speaker.

"As the protest continued there was allegedly damage to glass door on college avenue and vandalized classrooms by writing #NORICE on classroom walls," student and New Jersey College Republicans Chairman Donald P. Coughlan said in an interview with Campus Reform on Tuesday.

"Most students know these professors very well and these emails intimidated students who do not share the opinions of the professors."

Rice backed out of the engagement Saturday — the same day as the protest — despite having the support of the Rutgers University Student Assembly, the school administration, and student organizations including the Eagleton Undergraduate Associates and Greek Life at Rutgers University.

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